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Chronology: 1896, 1914, 1920, 1925, 1939, 1957, 1964, 1967, 1978, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,

  • 1896. Founding  - Antonio Pont i Pont and Dolores Creus Casanovas decide to devote themselves to the buying and selling of olives and almonds in the regions of Lleida and Tarragona. Grupo Borges is born.

1914. First steps  – First steps towards industrialisation. An oil mill with a wooden-beamed press is built in Tárrega. Not long afterwards the mill is modernised with a hydraulic press.

1920. Industrialisation carries on – Borges installs the first industrial shelling machine in Catalonia.

1925. The second generation - Josep and Ramón Pont Creus join the company, which sees its buying and selling activities continue to grow. The almond shelling and olive oil businesses are consolidated.

1939. Oil business expands The company’s first oil extractor is installed in Tárrega. In the same year a refinery is also built. For the first time oil is sold in bulk.

1957. The third generation – The third generation of Ponts joins the group. Bulk exports of olive oil, almonds and hazelnuts starts in Reus.

  • 1964. A brand is born – An oil packaging plant is built in Tárrega. This marks the first appearance of the Borges brand in the marketplace. A great company starts to grow.

1967. Development and expansion of the nut business – Sales begin in the Spanish marketplace of the complete range of nuts prepared and packaged under the BORGES brand. Importing nuts from outside Spain also gets under way.

  • 1978. Frusesa – With the creation of FRUSESA (Frutos Secos Españoles S.A.) Borges initiates the first pistachio and walnut farms in Spain.

1984. Andalusia – “Borges Andalucía, S.A.” is formed for the purpose of buying almonds and olives directly from growers. The plant is devoted to shelling almonds and milling olives to obtain virgin olive oil.

    1985. A bridgehead in the USA –  “Borges of California, Inc.” is established, specialising in the supply of walnuts and almonds grown in California. The company takes ownership of 360 hectares in the Sacramento Valley, California.

1987. The fourth generation – The fourth generation of Ponts joins the ranks of Grupo Borges.

  • 1994. Australia – “Borges Australia Pty.” is set up in Melbourne with the aim of marketing oil and other Borges group products.

  • 1995. Growing apace in the USA – “Giurlani USA Inc.”, a company founded in 1898, is acquired. The group’s products are marketing under the STAR and CARA MIA brands. Predominantly these are oils, olives and other foods forming part of the Mediterranean diet.

  • 1996. Tunisia – “Societé des Huiles Borges Tunisie, S.A.” is established specialising in the supply, storage, packaging and export of olive oil.

  • 1997. Valencia – The Borges group acquires the “Almendras de Altura, S.A.” company of Castellón, specialists in the purchase of almonds directly from growers and their subsequent shelling.

2000. Expansion continues – A second nut-processing plant is built in Reus devoted to the supply of almonds and hazelnuts to the food industry. The group makes inroads into Morocco by creating its “Borges Morocco” subsidiary in Casablanca, specialising in supplying olive oil. Expansion in France gets under way with the creation of “Borges France, S.A.”, which concentrates on marketing Grupo Borges products to large retail chains.

  • 2003. Broadening of the French market – The group extends its activities in France by taking a stake in the “CDS” company, boosting sales through the ‘Food Service’ channel.

  • 2004. Greater international presence – Acquisition in Russia of the “Industrial Tecnológica Laintex Veterani, S. A.” company, with head offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The company specialises in marketing oils, olives and other products comprising the Mediterranean diet under the brand name of ITLV. Meanwhile, in California, the cultivation of olives for olive oil gets underway with 285 hectares of plantations.

2005. Middle East – The “Aceites Borges Middle East” company is established in Jordan devoted to supplying, storing, filtering and packaging olive oil from Syria, Palestine and Jordan.

  • 2006. Back in the USA – “Borges National USA Corp.” is born. Headquartered in New Jersey, it incorporates the business and goodwill accumulated over more than 20 years distributing olive oil to the largest companies in the USA and Canada, thereby consolidating Grupo Borges’s position in these marketplaces.

  • 2007. Tramier – The group acquires the French family business Tramier, whose origins date back to 1863 and, with a market share of 30%, is the leader in table olives in France. Grupo Borges thus cements its position as one the largest olive companies in the world.

2008. Egypt  – Borges Foods Industries – Egypt is established to source and supply olive oil.

2009. Borges India PL. – The establishment of Borges India PL, enabling the group and its brands to become benchmarks in the categories where it competes and to help in promoting the Mediterranean lifestyle in India.

  • 2010. As the main global player in products pertaining to the Mediterranean diet across a range of categories, and with the aim of promoting the Mediterranean lifestyle as seen from an Arab perspective, the group creates the Alferdous brand, packaged in Tunisia and marketed throughout North Africa and the Middle East.

  • 2011. Grupo Borges becomes Borges Mediterranean Group. – The Borges group reaffirms the strategy that has enabled the percentage of international sales to grow from 70% to 76% this year, and stakes its future on becoming a standard-bearer for the Mediterranean lifestyle, going well beyond simply selling oil and nuts. The company changes its official name to  Borges Mediterranean Group and makes a firm commitment to innovation and internationalisation. The group’s mission is in essence to propagate, through its food products, the values of Mediterranean Life and Quality among consumers and industrial customers throughout the world.

2011. Borges Polzka – Marketing of Borges Mediterranean Group’s product portfolio starts in Poland.